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MacCPUID is a developer tool used for displaying information collected from the microprocessor via the CPUID instruction. The CPUID instruction returns information in the general purpose registers such as manufacturer identification, a processor's family, model, and stepping numbers, supported features (e.g. SSE, SSE2), cache information, and many others.

Download MacCPUID V3.0:

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File maccpuid-3.0.dmg2.5 MB


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Can this tool determine whether VT-X is enabled? Is there another Intel tool that can determine this?

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Hi. We have identified the issue and we are working on it. Thanks for reporting the issue.

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Interesting, I have a macbook pro with an identical processor as my acer aspire (core i5 430m 2.26GHz) CPUID/CPU-Z on Windows 7 shows 2 cores 2 threads per core with 4 logical CPUs on my macbook, using this tool, I see 8 cores 2 threads per core at 16 logical CPUs... How can this be?

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Very detailed information about the system processor and even better explanations on all the data.

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this is great, downloading the 10MB version, thanks :)

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Please try download the 10MB .DMG linked to on this page. It should have the updates you're looking for.

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sse4 not detected!!!!
unsupported 45nm CPUs

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For use on my Mac Pro 8-core 3.0 GHz Xeon
16GB-Ram 1.8TB-HD


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