DEPRECATED: Download the Intel AESNI Sample Library

The Intel® AES New Instructions (AES-NI) Sample Library is no longer maintained. Most cryptographic libraries today support AES-NI, and development resources can be found in their documentation.



The Intel® AES New Instructions (AES-NI) Sample Library demonstrates how one might implement a high performance Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) block cipher using the new AES-NI instructions available in Intel® Core™ i5, Intel® Core™ i7, Intel® Xeon® 5600 series and newer processors. All code samples can be compiled and run as native 32-bit or 64-bit binaries for both Microsoft Windows* and Linux* operating systems. This package is divided into three parts; The Intel® AES sample library, an AES example implementation using the library, and an application that compares Dr. Brian Gladman’s AES performance with that of the AES-NI optimized library.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.


jaejun, hae's picture

i can't download the library.
could someone help me.

Rafoula R.'s picture

I want to install this library,I follow these commands:

cd file

but I have error:

/Intel_AESNI_Sample_Library_v1.2/aes_gladman_subset/src/modetest.c:1910: undefined reference to `pthread_create'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Got error on link


ARIJIT G.'s picture

 if I run the code 

gcc aes_example.c then the following error is showing

unable to reference intel_aes_enc128 




... a lot of error 



please give me some suggestion

Boris D.'s picture

Can you help others by describing how did you manage to compile the example? Thank you.

devrahul t.'s picture

Now i am able to compile it.


devrahul t.'s picture

how can i compile the intel library using visual stdio 2010/2012 please give me some suggestion.not able to compile using visual studio.


anonymous's picture

Does Intel have any plans to support AES-NI on the Mac using xcode and GCC (llvm-gcc)?
Or is this all up to Apple to add support for the new intrinsics?

Right now the only way to write code with AES-NI seems to be by using the Intel C++ compiler, not Apple's.

I'd love a workaround like the Intel RDRAND library does, using intrinsics when possible, and dropping to maco assembly or even machine code for Mac compatibility.

anonymous's picture

i can't download the library.
could someone help me.

anonymous's picture

Thank you very much for the library!!!

sandeep-p's picture

testing the lib
forwarded copy to RD center
Thank you for the lib


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