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Note: We are now developing MeshCommander, a web based software for Intel® AMT with the goal of being able to manage Intel® AMT entirely from within a web browser and run on many operating systems. MeshCommander is on it's way to replacing the MDTK below.


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Installer (.MSI) and Source code
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Open Manageability Developer Tool Kit is an open source set of tools to help designers, developers and testers understand the benefits of Intel® vPro™ technology. The kit is an excellent complement to the Intel® Active Management Technology Software Development Kit (Intel® AMT SDK). The kit runs on Microsoft* Windows* .NET* 2.0 environment and offers a set of tools to quickly make use of all of the features of Intel AMT through the use of a simple developer and tester oriented user interfaces. Included in the kit is a sample, evaluator/developer/tester oriented console (Manageability Commander Tool) and remote agent (Manageability Outpost Tool) along with a set of tutorial videos to help understand how the kit works and how it can be best used to assist in the development of new applications.


  • Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) version 2.0 or later.
  • Some provided tools may be run on an Intel AMT 1.0 system but with some limitations.
  • Only Intel AMT systems using the Basic provisioning model are supported, with limited support for the Standard and Advanced provisioning models.
  • The user must have correctly provisioned the Intel AMT machines before using the Manageability Developer Tool Kit, and all necessary platform drivers must be installed.
  • Some features require Intel® Management Engine Interface driver installed (Manageability Outpost Tool remote agent service for example)
  • Windows* XP* Service Pack 2 (or later) with Microsoft .NET* Framework 2.0

Tutorial Videos

To help, we have a YouTube playlist with a set of tutorial videos covering many aspects of using Intel® AMT with the DTK. The first two videos provide an overview of how to use Commander and a good way to get started.

Cloud Management

The most important tool in the DTK is Manageability Commander. It's a console tool that supports management of Intel AMT computers on the local network and over the Internet using Both the DTK and Meshcentral are open source and both projects share lots of code. The original idea behind Meshcentral was to make a web based version of Commander, but the project as since grown way beyond this initial goal. is free to use and allows management of a wide range of devices and operating systems (Windows / OSX / Android / Raspberry Pi...) . Intel AMT is not required, but can make use of it if available. Since it's open source, you can launch your own instance of the web site on your own server, for information


These tools are community supported. Your help and feedback are very much appreciated. The first source of support should be the Intel® Business Client Software Development Forums. The Intel® vPro Expert Center is also an outstanding source of support for all technologies related with Intel® vPro.

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anonymous's picture

can you give me any version of the program, to begin testing, in our company 800 machines from vpro.

anonymous's picture

How about giving us the old version of the toolkit. I bought 40 vPro machines weeks ago based on the prospect of getting this toolkit. I figured the update would be released in a day or two.
Could you put me on a notification list of the release so I don't have to keep checking the web site or just give me an estimated date of release.

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When Can download the Lastest Intel AMT DTK

anonymous's picture

Please update the status of development work. People still waiting.

anonymous's picture

Thank you for all your comments. Using your comments I have escalated the issue pretty high-up. Finally it looks like people are paying some attention that this tool is really important and deserves some attention. DTK really started as a skunk works project to help developers develop applications quickly. Only now it is getting all the attention thanks to the interest shown by all of you. Unfortunately, with higher visibility comes higher scrutiny in a corporate world and the reason the software is currently not available. But, I really hope to have this tool up on the site as soon as possible.

anonymous's picture

I apologize, I wish we knew upfront about the process and the undertaking. We are learning as we go here and I'm giving you the information as soon I get from the development team.
I have escalated the issue to increase the priority. Good news is that Ylian is back and he is working hard to make the software available as soon as possible.

I will keep you posted.

Also, there was a problem with the comments on this article, and I will explain all of it in a blog post. :(

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It looks like Intel has censored a few posts.

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I have just spoken to our Dell rep (we are an educational inst. that also purchases hundreds of Dells per year) and he is pushing Altiris as a solution (probably the real reason nobody can get their hands on this *free* software). Collusion? No, they call it partnership. In any case, I have assured him that we will not be purchasing any AMT or vPro units. The ones that were on their way, are being sent back. Money saved. Thanks, Intel. Thanks, for continuing to prove why the OSS model is vastly superior to closed, proprietary, old-fashioned models like your own. I think I know why this is taking so long, Intels lawyers are actually the ones writing the code. What an innovative way to cut out the middleman.

anonymous's picture

Another deadline gone and pasted. We have been waiting for the toolkit for weeks now and I'll be talking to my Dell rep to see what they can do to let Intel know of our concern. We buy hundreds of Dells a year and started upgrading to the VPro processors for this tool basically. Our sites are not interconnected and many only have 4-5 desktops. So deploying a non-domain controller extra server with Altris or Dell Client Manager is not an option at each site! Only other option I have found is this DTK however seems Intel is just keeping it under wraps for whatever reason :(

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Kevin, With out a FIRM COMMITMENT from Intel about exactly when the tools are back up, I think the SAFEST course of action is to return the Dell boxes. Let Dell know why. Your other option is to get AMT enabled management tools from a third party software vendor.


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