Endpoint Security Software Vendor Program

When the European Commission approved Intel’s acquisition of McAfee, the approval included an agreement between Intel and the Commission. In that agreement, Intel made commitments to address Commission concerns about possible competitive impact of the acquisition to non-McAfee security software vendors.

Following the Commission’s standard practice where it accepts commitments from parties to mergers, Intel appointed (with the Commission’s approval) a Monitoring Trustee. The Monitoring Trustee’s role is to help resolve any disputes with third parties about, and help the Commission be assured of, Intel’s compliance with the commitments. Here is the contact info for the Monitoring Trustee [PDF 10KB].

Site Description
Consistent with the commitments made by Intel, this site has been created and provides links to information that is publicly available in various locations within www.intel.com and software.intel.com. ESSVs may find the information helpful in the development or optimization of their endpoint security software.

EC Commitments
Click here to download a copy of the commitments Intel made to the European Commission in detail [PDF 616KB].

Links to Instruction, Interoperability and Optimization Information:

Link to Register or Submit Other Inquiries
Upon registering as an Endpoint Security Software Vendor and executing a Form NDA, you will get access to any future relevant instruction, interoperability and optimization information that is not publicly available. As this information becomes available, you will be proactively notified.  If you are interested in registering, have signed the Form NDA and wish to submit it to Intel, or have any other inquiries or concerns, contact us at essv.inquiries@intel.com.

NOTE:  Currently all required disclosures are publicly available.  Any restricted, non-public, information required to be disclosed in the future will be provided to those with a signed NDA.

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