Power Efficiency: Power Basics

Power Basics

Power is an overloaded word in English. It's used as a measurement of how strong something is, how bright or hot something gets, how much you can tow, and for many other things. Its true meaning in physics is much more precise, i.e. it's the rate of doing work, measured in Watts. Even so, its actual physical meaning is still abstracted from its usage in the domain of computer hardware and software. This section looks at what power is from both a physics perspective, as well as what it fundamentally means to the designers of computer platforms and the applications that run on them.

Articles and Resources:

  • Developing Green Software: This paper describes the characteristics of Green Software and the software design considerations and methodologies to improve software energy efficiency.
  • Energy Efficient Performance: Energy-efficient performance is the intersection of great performance supporting expanded capabilities and designed for energy efficiency. The result: Performance made energy-efficient.
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