Error : Failed to enable trusted storage check for licensing

Problem : 
When using Intel C++ compiler or Intel Fortran compiler, you see the following error message

error #10310: Failed to enable trusted storage check for licensing: Warning: Enable Trusted Storage failed (flexnet error code 20). Trusted Storage based license could not be supported

Environment : 
Intel® 64, IA32, Windows*, Linux*

Root Cause : 
Windows*: Service “FLEXnet Licensing Service 64” can not be installed by non-administrator users on Windows.
Linux* : The library path being not set.

Workaround for Windows* users:

Run Intel compiler as administrator once.

1. Go to Start menu -> All Programs -> Intel® Parallel Studio XE -> Compiler and Performance Libraries -> Command Prompt with Intel Compiler.  Choose an appropriate command prompt.
2. In the command prompt window, run command:

runas /user:administrator "icl /v"


runas /user:administrator "ifort /v"

You will be prompted to input administrator’s password. This step will trigger the compiler to install the Windows service “FLEXnet Licensing Service 64”.

Workaround for Linux* users:

Set the paths using the command below.

source <install-path>/bin/ <arch>

where <arch> is ia32 or intel64


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