Excerpts from Intel IPP 2nd Edition Book on Threading Support

With more Multi-core , many-core based systems available on the market, there are more interest to understand how Intel IPP covers threading support.  Mainly we cover threading support in 2 levels: one is inside of Intel IPP API primitives, some of Intel IPP are internally threaded, (check this KB for more details), another one is in high leve via Intel IPP Samples, a lot of application implementations in Intel IPP Sample offering also adopt OpenMP or Native threading mechanism to maximize performance for image coding, video coding and more on Intel Multi-core and many-core based systems. You can find more details when evaluating Intel IPP Samples.

In addtion to that, the Intel IPP 2nd Edition book also explains a variety of threading support in different usage models, Download 4 excerpts from this edition where explains how to use threading in Graphics, Image processing, Image coding and video coding. 

Please also visit Intel Press for more info on Intel IPP book.

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