Diagnostic 15023: loop was not vectorized: unsupported loop structure


This vectorization message is emitted when there are multiple exit points from a given loop.  Below is an example for this scenario. Here the DO loop has a conditional in which it's possible to exit the loop early if the condition is met.  Because of this exit this loop is not a vectorization candidate.


program f15023
implicit none
real(8) :: a(16)=5.0
integer :: i

myloop: do i=1,16
         if ( a(i) /= 5.0 ) then
             print*, "error"
             exit myloop
         end if
         a(i) = a(i) * i
        end do myloop
end program f15023

$ ifort -vec-report2 f15023.f90
f15023.f90(6): (col. 1) remark: loop was not vectorized: unsupported loop structure

To get this loop to vectorize, consider if it is at all possible to recode the algorithm such that the EXIT is not needed.

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