Diagnostic 7001: Error in creating the compiled module file.

Diagnostic 7001: Error in creating the compiled module file.

Thank you for your interest in this diagnostic message. We are still in the process of documenting this specific diagnostic.

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Please ask this in our user forum at http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/intel-visual-fortran-compiler-for-windows/ and if you can, attach the source as well as the command you are using to build, or the buildlog.htm from a Visual Studio build. Also tell us the specific compiler version you are using.

This error usually indicates that the destination folder for where the compiled module is to be placed is not writable.

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I've been sent some code with a module, but when I try to build it I get this diagnostic. I'm not very used to Fortran, and the developer doesn't use Visual Fortran, so we're stuck. Perhaps I can start from scratch with a dummy module, or reorganise the code so it doesn't use a module.

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