Where can I find my serial number?

All Intel® Software Development Product licenses have a unique serial number in the following format:

Finding the Serial Number of your product

If you purchased an Intel® Software Development Product, your serial number (SN) should be included in the email receipt you received when purchasing the product.

If you did not purchase a product, but applied for a free software product, your serial number will be emailed to you along with a download link to the product.

For evaluation products, you will receive an email with a download link and a serial number. 

Viewing and Managing your Serial Numbers

  1. Sign in to Intel® Registration Center by entering your login ID and password.
    Note: If you have a free product and have not yet created an account, please refer to your Registration Email and use the 'Register' link to create an account. If you have purchased a product but have not yet registered it, please do so to add it to your existing account or to create an account.

    Once you are signed in, you will see two tabs: Serial Numbers and Products List.
  2. The Serial Numbers tab shows all the serial numbers associated with you. Grayed out or inactive serial numbers are either expired or you do not have administrator rights to manage the license.  For each serial number, you will see the product name and license type.

    NOTE: Expired products are shown only if you change the ‘expired products’ from ‘hidden’ to ‘shown’ on the top of the page.

  3. Click on any active serial number to manage the license. Click the product name to view your support status and to download the product.

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