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Today, we introduced the Intel® Modern Code Developer Community, which focuses on the pursuit of parallel programming.  The community includes our very successful series of Modern Code Live Workshops taught around the world and our upcoming Intel® HPC Developer Conferences. Our community includes the Intel® Parallel Computer Centers (IPCCs) located at institutions around the world with the goal to modernize key technical codes, and experts from around the world including the Intel® Black Belt Software Developers. In addition to the online community, we have an exciting contest for a very special and worthy cause, coming this fall.

Encouraging and Educating Parallel Programming

The end of rising clock rates, a decade ago, has ushered in an era of parallelism driven by the continued rise in transistor count in keeping with half a century of Moore’s Law. Today multicore and many-core processors offer amazing capabilities which are maximized by parallel programming.

Modern Code – architecting and optimizing for today and the future

“Modern Code” is code that has been re-architected and optimized, for parallelism, to run on today and tomorrow’s computers, including supercomputers, thus increasing application performance. These efforts benefit from the fruits of the Intel® Parallel Computer Centers (IPCCs) that we established with universities and other institutions around the world with the goal to modernize key technical codes. Many examples of successful techniques, including many from the IPCCs, are captured in content on the web site (Code Modernization Library), with more to come. You will also find excellent material on modernizing code in the series of “Pearls” books edited by myself and Jim Jeffers.

The Intel Modern Code Community hosts a growing collection of tools, training and support. We proudly feature an elite group of experts in parallelism and HPC, from Intel and the industry worldwide, that we call Intel® Black Belt Software Developers. Intel is partnering with these experts to train and support the broader community on modern code techniques.

Intel has been helping educate and encourage parallel programming. We have our very successful series of Modern Code Live Workshops taught around the world in conjunction with our training partners. Later this year, we will hold Intel® HPC Developer Conferences. We will keep you updated through the Intel® Modern Code Developer Community online (see "Upcoming Events").

Online Community - find us in person too!

To join the Intel Modern Code Community or find out more, visit the Intel® Modern Code Developer Community online, or find us here at the International Supercomputing Conference (July 13-15, 2015). There will be many more opportunities in the future to engage us in person, including the Intel® Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, August 18-20, 2015 as well as the Supercomputing Conference 2015 in Austin, November 14-20, 2015.  Personally, I’ll be at all these and I would be very interested in discussing code modernization with you. I’ll also be at SIGGRAPH to teach a tutorial “Multithreading for Visual Effects” with five experts on Visual Effects on August 12 in Los Angeles, and I’m speaking at ATPESC 2015 the week prior.

Intel® Modern Code Challenge 2015
Coding for Science to Build a Better Tomorrow

As a way to test out newly acquired Modern Code skills and techniques, while contributing to a social cause, developers can participate in the Intel® Modern Code Challenge 2015.

Parallel computing plays a role in advancing scientific research in key areas like cancer research, physics and climate modeling which rely on parallel computing to push the envelope in performance. Developers that participate in the Intel Modern Code Challenge will have an opportunity to help the industry make the best use of the computers we have available today to enable scientific breakthroughs.

Prizes will include a trip to SC15 in Austin, Texas in November 2015, and to visit CERN, in Switzerland, in 2016. The top student participants will be eligible for scholarships. To receive additional details sign up at

Intel® HPC Developer Conferences

We will hold three Intel HPC Developer Conferences this year – one in the U.S., one in China and one in India.  We will announce more details on the Modern Code website soon.  I am the overall technical committee chair, and I’m very excited by the speakers and content we already have lined up. I expect to be able to announce complete details late this summer. We will keep you updated through the Intel® Modern Code Developer Community online (see "Upcoming Events").

Modern Code Live Workshops

In conjunction with partners, we have been holding hands-on training around the world for developers and partners. The classes are enabled with remote access to Intel® Xeon® processor and Xeon Phi™ coprocessor-based clusters. You can learn more at the Modern Code Live Workshops website. Training and resources cover architecture overviews, memory optimizations, multithreading, vectorization, Intel® Math Kernel Library, Intel® Threading Building Blocks, Intel® Parallel Studio XE and much more.

Join Us

Parallelism been long been embraced for High Performance Computing (HPC) for programming the world’s most powerful computers often called supercomputers. It is fitting that, today, at the International Supercomputing Conference, we launched the Intel® Modern Code Developer Community with many resources to help HPC developers get the most out of their applications on modern hardware.

I encourage you to come take advantage of one or more of the many benefits of the Intel® Modern Code Developer Community.

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