Tips And Tricks From You

We welcome your tips and tricks for Visual Computing software developers. Here are some that came in from our Game Demo Contest entrants.


Orange Mapping for Dynamic Height Maps:

By Tommy Refenes

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PillowFort’s upcoming game, Goo!, uses this technique to dynamically render and generate uncapped height maps to give the goos rendered on screen more accurate detail at barely any additional cost on the GPU.


Lens Flare Programming Using 3D Plains Instead of Sprites

by Alip Kumar Saha

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Lens Flare using 3D plains may be considered as a better option for use in a modern game instead of 2D sprites. As the Lens Flare is the corona, glow and ring elements of a bright light source that is projected over the camera, i.e., the screen, we used 2D sprites till date.


The Deadly Light

Tips on Optimization of Applications for Intel GMA X3000-X3100

By Yakov Sumygin

A host of great tips on the optimization of applications for Intel GMA X3000-X3100.


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