Fun Happens After Dark with the Night Flier Game by PageNet for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Windows* 8.1

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Players share adventures with a thrill-seeking bat as he scales rooftops and soars through the evening sky.

The sun has gone down on another day, but the fun is just beginning for the nocturnal Night Flyer. This mischievous and fun-loving little bat is ready to take on the city, one rooftop at a time. Now Windows* 8.1 tablet users can join him by downloading The Night Flier by PageNet.

Featured on Intel® Windows* 8.1 tablets, The Night Flier is an arcade-style game that takes the player over rooftops and into the night sky. Players use their tablets’ interactive touch capabilities to dodge falling hammers, soar past planes in the night sky and avoid the dreaded sleeping cat.

Known for its engaging games and creative graphics, developer PageNet is an Intel® Software Partner. With Intel support, PageNet optimized The Night Flier for the capabilities of Windows* 8.1 tablets. The Intel® Developer Zone provided the game’s developers with tools, code, support and more during the design process.

"We wanted to create a game that would appeal to the imaginations of its players," says Sergey Shpital, CEO of PageNet. "Nothing sparks the imagination more than a flying adventure."

The developer communities inside Intel provided Shpital and his team with guidance and assistance during the development of The Night Flier. Intel engineers offered guidance and troubleshooting assistance while the developers optimized the game for Windows* 8.1 tablets. The result is an engaging, touch-responsive game with rich graphics and whimsical music.

"When we designed The Night Flier, we looked for ways in which we could take advantage of all the topnotch features of Windows* 8.1 tablets. The superior screen quality of these devices means our graphics look richer, and the responsive touch capabilities mean users can have more control and immerse themselves even deeper into the game," says Shpital.

It is these and other qualities that make Windows* 8.1 the perfect platform from which the Night Flyer can launch his evening flight, and take players on a wildly fun adventure.

PageNet is a game developer based out of Moscow, Russia. For more information visit its homepage at:

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