Further Vectorization Features of the Intel® Compiler - Webinar Code Samples

The code samples for the webinar "Further Vectorization Features of the Intel® Compiler" given on 4/7/2015 are attached below.

Here are some examples of command lines that may be used to build them. This list is not intended to be complete or to be a tutorial as such, just a guide to things to try. It uses Linux* switch syntax; Windows* equivalents are closely similar.

See the presentation for more detail; slides and video will be posted separately and later.

icpc -c -qopt-report-phase=vec -qopt-report=3 no_stl.cpp

icpc -c -qopt-report-file=stderr -qopt-report-phase=vec -qopt-report=2  stl_vec.cpp

icpc -c -std=c++11 -qopt-report-phase=vec -qopt-report=3 stl_vec_11.cpp

icpc -O2 -std=c++11 –I$BOOST/boost_1_56   sumsq.cpp  timer.cpp;  ./a.out     (you may need to install boost)

icpc -O2 -std=c++11 –I$BOOST/boost_1_56  -DALIGN_CLASS  sumsq.cpp  timer.cpp;  ./a.out

icpc -O2 -std=c++11 –I$BOOST/boost_1_56  -DBOOST_ALIGN  sumsq.cpp  timer.cpp;  ./a.out 

icpc -O2 -xcore-avx2 -std=c++11 -I$BOOST/boost_1_56   sumsq.cpp  timer.cpp;  ./a.out 

icpc -c  -std=c++11 –xcore-avx2 -qopt-report-file=stderr -qopt-report-phase=loop,vec -qopt-report3 -qopt-report-routine=main  sumsq.cpp

ifort -fpp -c -qopt-report-phase=loop,vec -qopt-report-file=stderr  dist.F90

ifort -fpp -c -qopenmp-simd -qopt-report-phase=loop,vec -qopt-report-file=stderr -qopt-report-routine=dist dist.F90

ifort -fpp -qopenmp-simd -DKNOWN_TRIP_COUNT -qopt-report-phase=loop,vec -qopt-report-file=stderr -qopt-report-routine=dist drive_dist.F90 dist.F90; ./a.out

icc -c –std=c99 -xavx -qopt-report-file=stderr -qopt-report-phase=vec  mulmv.c

icc -c -std=c99 -xavx -fargument-noalias -qopt-report=4 -qopt-report-file=stderr -qopt-report-phase=vec mulmv.c

                     (-fargument-noalias becomes /Qalias-args- on Windows)

ifort -O2 -xavx -qopt-report=3 -qopt-report-file=stderr  -qopt-report-phase= loop,vec -qopt-report-routine=indirect drive_indirect.F90 indirect.F90;  ./a.out

ifort -xcore-avx2 -S indirect.F90

grep gather indirect.s

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