fYO Posts Archiver* Premium – Plus by Hayagriva Software (P) Ltd.

Every day millions of people add posts to Facebook that can include articles, photos, videos, songs and more. While this information is often lost each day, now there is a new app that lets users search ALL Facebook “Public” posts, save, and then use the content in countless ways. 

fYO Posts Archiver* Premium - Plus by Hayagriva Software (P) Ltd. is a powerful new app for Ultrabook™ devices that helps users save, curate, archive, manage and share Facebook posts by subjects. Users can collect Facebook data (posts) and use it in numerous ways, including creating personalized “collections” of important information, sharing them with ease, and much more.

As an Intel® Software Partner, Hayagriva Software was able to gain valuable insight into the unique technologies of Ultrabook systems, including tools, code, and support. This helped its developers optimize the app for the Intel® architecture.

“Our relationship as an Intel® Software Partner helped us greatly in developing the best software possible for the capabilities of Ultrabook devices,” said Gautam Goradia, CEO of Hayagriva Software (P) Ltd.  

Hayagriva Software (P) Ltd. engineers worked with Intel developers and engineers to ensure fYO Posts Archiver Premium - Plus was optimized for the touch capabilities of Ultrabook devices. The Intel® Developer Zone community also provided valuable insight.

“The support we received from Intel was invaluable when developing this app,” noted Gautam. “Plus, interacting with other companies in the Intel® Developer Zone helped us significantly.”

Powerful Intel® Core™ processors provides a fluid and fast user experience with fYO Posts Archiver Premium - Plus on Ultrabook devices, allowing users to archive posts, curate them, create webpages, search for old posts and more within seconds. 

Hayagriva Software (P) Ltd. is excited to continue taking advantage of the unique capabilities of Ultrabook devices and continue leveraging the comprehensive support from Intel to create more apps. “We are looking at continuing to create new apps that take advantage of the powerful platforms from Ultrabook devices,” revealed Gautam.

Hayagriva Software (P) Ltd. is an India-based software company that focuses on the development of RDAs (Rich Desktop Applications) in the area of PIM (Personal Information Management) for use worldwide.

The Intel® Developer Zone supports software companies of all sizes and skill levels with technical communities, go-to-market resources and business opportunities. To learn more about becoming an Intel® Software Partner, join the Intel® Developer Zone.

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