Get ready for the next chip generation – Intel® AVX

This is an invitation for our developers in Germany and United Kingdom only.
Tell us what you think and earn Black Belt Points… At CES 2011 in Las Vegas the launch of Intel® AVX in the Sandy Bridge processor family has been announced and we would like to provide you with some more details and encourage you to participate on the discussion forum we have set up on Intel Developer Zone. As part of the Intel® Developer Zone and Intel Black Belt community, we would really value your efforts in providing feedback, comments and suggestions. (link to forum)
Read the Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions Programming Reference and visit our Intel® AVX Site to learn more about the new amazing capabilities Intel's newest process will deliver.
Then tell us what you think by making your contributions in our special forum.
The ten people who make the most contributions to this thread by March 31, 2011 will be invited to join us at an exclusive event.  This will be a drinks/networking event involving a talk with distinguished Intel Black Belt Asaf Shelly and our Intel Software engineer (TBD) for our German and United Kingdom participants.
The event will be held in London and will also include a Q&A and open forum where you will be provided with the opportunity to discuss topics of your choosing with each other and the Intel experts. We will be meeting again in Munich for our German participants. It will end with food, drinks and a chance to network with the speakers and the other attendees. Your travel and accommodation (if needed) will be paid for –  for details please look at the Terms & Conditions attached to above link.
Don’t forget, in order to receive an invitation to this event, we want you to contribute to the thread as much as possible before 31st March.
We look forward to your participation and wish you good luck!

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