Get Started with Intel® Integrated Performance Library for Wind River* Linux*

Get Started with Intel® System Studio for Wind River* Linux*

Get Started with Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP)

Get Started with Intel® Math Kernel Library (MKL)

Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) is an extensive library of software functions for signal &image processing, data processing, and communications applications for several kind of OSs, including Wind River* Linux*.

Intel® IPP is included in Intel® System Studio (ISS). This document will help developers get started building and running applications based on Intel® IPP for an target embedded system running Wind River* Linux*.


Same as

Intel® System Studio* : l_cembd_p_2014.x.xx.tgz

Unpack the tool suite package in a directory to which you have write access.

> tar -zxvf



After install, all ISS products should be in /opt/intel/system_studio_2014.x.y by default.

Intel® IPP provide static library and shared library, 32bit and 64bit supported in /opt/intel/system_studio_2014.x.y/ipp/lib

Wind River* Linux* Product.

Supposed: the Wind River software is installed in the directory /home/wruser/WRLinux_5.0 and build toolchain is in /home/wruser/WRLinux_5.0/wrlinux-5/layers/wr-toolchain

This article is using QEMU X86 64bit emulator to run the testing application. Suppose the image is ready in  /home/wruser/wrl5.0/workspace/wrl_qemux86-64_glibc_std_sato_prj

Using Intel® IPP

Intel® IPP provides a set of examples to help you get started with common operations like resize and fast Fourier transform (FFT). The examples are available in /opt/intel/system_studio_2014.x.y/ipp/examples.

A simple example code is attached below to shows IPP matrix multiply functionality using ippmMul

To use the Intel® IPP functions, do the following:

1. Adding Intel® IPP functions in source

  • Include the IPP header files (ipp.h) in the source files.
  • Call ippInit() before using any other IPP functions. Intel® IPP detects the processor features and selects the optimizing code path for the target processors. Before calling any other Intel® IPP functions, call ippInit() to initialize the CPU dispatching for Intel® IPP.
  • Call Intel IPP functions in your C/C++ source.

#include "ipp.h"


ippmMul_mm_64f(A, k*sizeof(Ipp64f), 1*sizeof(Ipp64f), k, m, B, n*sizeof(Ipp64f), 1*sizeof(Ipp64f), n, k, C, n*sizeof(Ipp64f), 1*sizeof(Ipp64f));

2. Link Intel® IPP libraries into executable file

export WRL_TOOLCHAIN=$WIND_HOME/wrlinux-5/layers/wr-toolchain/4.6a-120

export WRL_SYSROOT=$WIND_HOME/workspace/qemu64_sato_prj/bitbake_build/tmp/sysroots/qemux86-64

source /opt/intel/system_studio_2014.0.025/bin/ ia32_intel64

icc -platform=wrl50 matrix_multiplication.c -mkl -ipp -i-static -o mm_icc_mkl_ipp_test

3. Launch the application and run it in qemux86-x64 emulator

As the qemux86-x 64 file system is on host machine, it is easy to copy executable file to it.

$cp  mm_icc_mkl_ipp_test $WIND_HOME/workspace/wrl_qemux86-64_glibc_std_sato_prj/export/dist/home/.

Start the QEMU simulator

$cd $WIND_HOME/workspace/wrl_qemux86-64_glibc_std_sato_prj

$make start-target

The result is

root@qemu0:/home# ./mm_icc_mkl_ipp_test

 Measuring performance of matrix multiplication C=A*B for matrix  A(200x200) and matrix B(200x100) loop_count = 10


 Matrix multiplication using triple nested loop take 254.00000 milliseconds

 Matrix multiplication using mkl_multiply take 191.00000 milliseconds

 Matrix multiplication using ipp_multiply take 140.00000 milliseconds

As intel® IPP functions are optimized for Intel processor, even on 64bit virtual machine, it is about 81% speed-up than general c code.


Both the Intel® MKL and Intel® IPP are optimized for current and future Intel® processors, and they are specifically tuned for two different usage areas:

  • Intel MKL is suitable for large problem sizes
  • Intel IPP is specifically designed for smaller problem sizes including those used in multimedia, data processing, communications, and embedded C/C++ applications.

Please see more in the article for choosing suitable library.

If you get any issues when using Intel® IPP for Wind River* Linux*, please contact Intel System Studio Support

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