Getting Started with Intel® Cilk™ Plus SIMD Vectorization and SIMD-enabled Functions


SIMD Vectorization and SIMD-enabled Functions are a part of Intel® Cilk™ Plus feature supported by the Intel® C++ Compiler that provide ways to vectorize loops and user defined functions.  Vectorization is the key to improving your applications' performance through taking advantage of the processor's Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) capability to operate on multiple array (or vector) elements at a time.  The Intel® Compilers provide unique capabilities to enable vectorization. The programmer may be able to help the compiler to vectorize more loops through a simple programming style and by the use of compiler features designed to assist vectorization.  This article discusses how to use the SIMD-enabled functions, and the SIMD directive (#pragma simd) from the Intel® Cilk™ Plus, to help the compiler to vectorize C/C++ code and improve performance.

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Additional information about what sort of loops may be vectorized using the SIMD pragma/directive is available here.

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a small question, where can I find the example code?... it is clear that is not attached and I cannot find it inside the samples folder of the Composer instalation...


having skimmed this material it appears that Intel is developing software to support its proprietry hardware platforms and not the progress of I.T. in its mass form, i.e. Cloud servers as a Utility supporting billions of potential users.

Let us not joke, the poor of the world cannot afford the ridiculous cost of Intel CPUs when new. After a couple of years the used CPUs are almost valueless.

It seems the USA govt and the States can tho.

Only the wealthy and badly informed, apart from specialist users, will have supercomputer desktops. 999 people out of 1000 will use cheap low-cost low-energy solutions.

If Intel continues on this course it will accelerate into a situation where shareholder value begins to approach zero before it is taken over by other companies.

You DO NOT need a supercomputer to see that desktops are disappearing almost overnight, when taken as a proportion of the increasing number of Smart clients coming online. Low-enery servers are not a premium luxury brand, they are a low cost mass-market necessity.

I accept Intel employees each have desktops with fast hot Intel CPUs. How quaint...

Rich K

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