Getting Started with Intel® System Debugger on Intel® Atom Processors

This article is designed to help the user get started with Intel® System Debugger which is part of the Intel® System Studio 2019. The document illustrates on how to set up Intel® Atom Processors N4200, N3350, x7-E3950, x5-39XX for using Intel® System Debugger and how to use those tools to do some basic debugging exercises.

The article has been distributed into the following parts:

  1. Lab Prerequisite - System Hardware Requirements
  2. Hardware Set Up(BIOS)
  3. Launching Intel® System Studio 2019 and Intel® System Debugger 
  4. Intel® System Debugger basic capabilities
  5. System Trace
  6. Summary



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Can i get same tool for  intel core i5 7200u  

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