Getting Started with Intel® Cilk™ Plus and Code Samples

Intel® Cilk™ Plus allows you to improve performance by adding parallelism to your C or C++ programs. It adds fine-grained task support to C and C++, making it easy to add parallelism to both new and existing software to efficiently exploit multiple processors and the vector instructions available on modern CPUs. It provides simple language extensions to express data and task parallelism to the C and C++ language implemented by the Intel® C++ Compiler.

Intel Cilk Plus provides data parallelism including Array Notation, SIMD vectorization (pragma SIMD), and SIMD-enabled functions. Array Notations expresses data parallel operation on ordinary declared C/C++ arrays; SIMD Vectorization and SIMD-enabled Functions provide ways to vectorize loops and user defined functions. Please see following introduction articles on how to get started:

For a list of real-world applications using the Intel Cilk Plus, visit Intel C++ Compiler Code Samples page.

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