Intel® GPA Tip: Verifying the correct installation of the product


After installing Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA), within a few minutes users typically start analyzing and optimizing their game or graphics application.

For most users they are able to get started with no issues, but if you do run into any problems it's useful to help verify that Intel GPA works on a simple application, thereby helping isolate the underlying issue.

Running a Simple Test of Intel GPA

For this reason, Intel GPA now includes a small sample graphics application, gpasample.exe, which is located where you installed GPA (for Microsoft Windows* XP the default install location is C:\Program Files\Intel\GPA <version #>\).

The easiest way to verify all is OK is to run gpasample.exe with Intel GPA in a single-system mode:

  • start-up the Intel GPA Monitor (which handles communication tasks between your game and Intel GPA System Analyzer or Intel GPA Frame Analyzer)
  • start-up Intel GPA System Analyzer, using (that is, your local system) as the IP address of the Intel GPA Monitor:
  • select "OK" to start Intel GPA System Analyzer, which will display a screen similar to the following:
  • Then, capture a frame by selecting the "camera" icon on the bottom left, and check the box that says "Launch Frame Analyzer":
  • You'll then see Intel GPA Frame Analyzer start-up, with a window appearing similar to this:test4.jpg
  • You can also verify whether the Intel GPA Monitor is running by mousing over the Intel GPA Monitor icon in the system tray.
What's Next?

So if everything runs OK as we showed here, all is good with the basic Intel GPA installation and you should be OK to analyze your game. If gpasample.exe didn't run OK, then you have a couple of things to check out:
  • Verify that you have the latest BIOS installed (you can usually find this by browsing to home page of the manufacturer of your system, and searching for your specific model)
  • Verify that you have the latest graphics drivers installed (if you're using an Intel graphics chipset, you can check for the latest drivers automatically by browsing the the Graphics Drivers Update Page
  • Check that you don't have any anti-virus or firewall software running that might interfere with GPA's ability to communicate between processes
  • Verify that your system meets the system configuration requirements as specified in the Intel GPA Release Notes
If you still are having problems getting gpasample.exe to run, start a new thread on the Intel GPA Support Forums to let us know about the specifics of what you are encountering.

If gpasample.exe did run OK, but your application doesn't, please read the Intel GPA Release Notes to verify that your applications meets the requirements (for example, verify your application is using a version of Microsoft DX* supported by GPA, that you have sufficient VRAM configured on your system, and so on). If you still have problems, then something else is the issue, in which case start a new thread on the Intel GPA Support Forums to let us know how we can help resolve the issue.


Hopefully this helped you understand more about Intel GPA and how to verify the installation is OK.

If you have other comments and/or suggestions that you would like to add, please comment on this article so that others can benefit from your experience in using Intel GPA.

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