Graphics Performance Analyzers Help Videos

These video tutorials can help you get started with the Graphics Performance Analyzers and learn about the features you can use to profile your graphics applications.
Android* Workloads

Video Video Description Audience Duration (mm:ss)
Graphics Performance Analysis for Android* Shows how to use the System Analyzer and Graphics Frame Analyzer to optimize OpenGL* ES 1.x and 2.x workloads. Novice 15:01

Windows* OS Workloads
The table below lists show-me demos (without audio) that focus on analyzing Windows* OS workloads.
NOTE: These demos were created with a previous version of the tool. The current GUI may differ slightly. See Online Help to get the most recent information on concepts, procedures, and user interface.

If you have any questions, issues or feedback, visit the Support Forum.
Video Video Description Audience Duration (mm:ss)
Graphics Monitor: How to launch your game  Shows how to to launch your graphics application for analysis with Graphics Performance Analyzers. Novice 01:16
Graphics Monitor: How to automatically detect launched D3D applications Shows how to make Graphics Performance Analyzers automatically detect launched D3D applications. Novice 01:06
System Analyzer: How to get started with the tool Shows how to get started with the tool and benefit from it. Novice 03:30
Graphics Frame Analyzer: Getting to know key Graphics Frame Analyzer concepts Shows the set of Graphics Frame Analyzer panels that help you navigate the data and control the various experiments and view the results of these experiments. Novice 04:02
Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer: Comparing the Relationship Between Metrics Shows how to compare the relations between metrics with the Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer. Novice 01:16
Graphics Frame Analyzer: Discovering the Most Expensive Ergs within the Captured Scene Shows how to use the Graphics Frame Analyzer to find the most expensive ergs. Novice 01:32
Graphics Frame Analyzer: Modifying DirectX* State Shows how to use the Graphics Frame Analyzer to change some of the DirectX* states in order to fix the scene and immediately see how the modified state affects it. Moderate 02:17
Graphics Frame Analyzer: How to modify shaders in order to improve performance Shows how to use the Graphics Frame Analyzer to create or modify shaders to see whether changes result in reduced rendering time with an acceptable level of overall scene quality. Moderate 02:34


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