Graphics Checker Webinar

Join a free webinar June 28 (10am – 11am U.S. PST) on how Intel’s most powerful game developer tool, Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzer, now works with Intel® Graphics Checker to help you optimize your graphics or games faster.

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzer is a suite of software tools that provides game developers with platform-level performance analysis to help optimize application performance.

Intel® Graphics Checker is a tool to evaluate the playability of your game on PC’s with Intel® HD Graphics technology.

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What you'll learn:

  • Why targeting the PC platform is more compelling than ever
  • How Intel GPA used in combination with Intel Graphics Checker enables faster code optimization
  • Find out how it’s easier to capture data for Intel Graphics Checker using Intel GPA
  • The benefits for Intel® Software Partner Program members who upload results
  • How to get the tools for free
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The one-hour webinar will be presented by:

    • Dave Valdovinos, Intel Software Partner Program Marketing Manager. Dave manages ISV technology enabling programs as a member of the Software Partner Program team in the Software and Solutions Group.

  • Omar Rodriguez, Visual Computing Software Division. Omar is a software engineer in the Intel Software and Services Group, where he supports Intel graphics solutions in the Visual Computing Software Division.

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