High Definition Audio Code Sample

by Jim Huang, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, and
Matt McClellan, Senior Application Engineer
Intel Corporation

Why Should I Care About This Code Sample?

The following sample source code demonstrates how application developers can enable their application to take advantage of High Definition Audio enabled platforms.  The sample source demonstrates how to enumerate the platform for all available output and input devices, and allow the user to send multiple audio files to a single output device or multiple output devices.

Target Audience
Game developers, audio application developers, and general interest

Sample Category
Complete project

Implementation Language

Target Hardware & Software Platforms:

Hardware Systems:
IA-32 platforms

Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows* 2000, and Windows XP

Microsoft Visual Studio* 6.0 with Service Pack 5

Other software needed:
Microsoft DirectX* 9.0 SDK

Download the Source Code

Whitepaper: Intel® High Definition Audio: Integrated Audio for Today and Tomorrow


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