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c00ler's picture

Great Great Great and thanks :D


's picture

I hope some patch have submitted back to Ogre, so that anyone can gain the good works done by authors.

Orion Granatir (Intel)'s picture

Hey Daniele,
With the source code, there is a docs folder that contains Ogre Version.rtf; this file lists all the patches submitted to Ogre. Patch 2695804 is the one created to support the functionality described in this article. It was submitted to the Ogre project a while back ^_^

josevilleta's picture

I downloaded the horsepowersetup.exe and when trying to install I get a NSIS Error stating that the installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete....
I tried on two different PCs with same result.

Should I download the source code or setuplite instead?

josevilleta's picture

btw, setup lite and source code zip works. How do we control # of horses to simulate? Is it hard-coded on the solution or we have a hot key for it?

Orion Granatir (Intel)'s picture

The number of horses dynamically changed during real time to keep 30 fps. You can change the number of threads (Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+4, Ctrl+X) and see the number of horses change based on the computer power.

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