Hostapd & WPA_supplicant Modifications

First download the original software components (links are provided), then download the Intel modifications and integrate the changes.

Original hostapd (0.4.8):*

Intel modifications to hostapd:

Original wpa_supplicant (0.4.8):*

Intel modifications to wpa_supplicant:

Two other related WLAN driver software components can be downloaded from their respective websites.

MadWiFi driver for Atheros-based WLAN devices: Use madwifi-ng from*. You may use branches/madwifi-old if you don't need new WSC Information Elements (IEs).

IPW2200 driver for Intel-based notebook implementations. Download driver and firmware from*.

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Please see our FAQ page about these downloads:

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Nice work, Lets see if we can convince the networkmanager guys to implement this.