How do I convert a product from an evaluation version to a commercial or academic version?

How do I convert a product from an evaluation version to a commercial or academic version?

If you have an evaluation license and upgraded to a commercial license, you need to complete the following steps after obtaining the commercial serial number:

For named user licenses (single user), please follow the following steps:

Option 1:

  1. Register the new serial number at the Intel Registration Center.
  2. Replace the evaluation .lic file with the new commercial .lic file in the license directory (Check: Finding my Intel software license on my system)
  3. Product re-installation is not required.

Option 2:

  • Use Intel Software Manager (ISM) to convert from an evaluation license to a commercial or academic license. Click the “Activate” link on the license tab to obtain a license file from Intel Registration Center (IRC) based on the provided commercial or academic serial number. The license file is obtained and placed by ISM on the system at the right folder(NOTE:  You must have admin rights for this since the product, on Windows, uses program files -> common folder. )
  • On Linux, “administration rights” is not required for product activation. If a user does not have access to /opt folder, license will be stored into his home folder.
  • Using Intel Software Manager you are not required to previously register the serial number.
  • The evaluation license will still be on the system but it will be ignored since the commercial or academic license is now available.
  • Product re-installation is not required.

For floating licenses, please do the followings:


1. How to configure your license server: /en-us/articles/where-is-the-intel-license-manager-for-flexlm-users-guide

2. Installation overview and troubleshooting instructions for Host and clients can be found in the Appendix of the Intel® FLEXlm* License Manager User's Guide.

3. Download Intel FLEXlm* license servers from the website which does not require log-in.

4. User's Guide


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  • Intel® Visual Fortran development environment based on Microsoft Visual Studio Shell is included with Academic and Commercial licenses for Intel Visual Fortran Compiler Professional Edition. It is not included with Evaluation or Student licenses, nor with “Compiler Suite” products that also include the Intel® C++ Compiler.
  • If you purchased a floating license: Please refer to the article on how to set up a license manager.
For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.


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I installed and used the evaluation copy of Visual FORTRAN Composer with my installation of Visual Studio 2005.
I purchased a disk and tried to install it. It asked for my serial number which I gave it.
It seemed to hang up near the end of the process and definately did not complete properly.
I tried uninstalling the software but I keep getting the message "Another installation is already in progress. Complete that installation before proceeding with this install."
I have even tried deleting the directory C:Program FilesIntel but that has not helped. I think perhaps ssomething in the registry needs to be turned off. I am unable to load the software or fix damaged files at this point.

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Note to self:
It is so nice of Intel to give me my own private journal. Other concerns:
1. Downloading in a messed-up World between 2am-7am, was hoping for a boxed version to be sent.
2. Hoping that my computer does not have to be logged on to work on my multi-billion dollar software project because it is my life's work.
3. 3rd 5 points yeah.

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