Capturing the Image: 5 Examples of How Photo Editing Apps Can Help Solve Common Photo Situations

In the digital era, “picture perfect” doesn’t always have to be the case right from the get-go. Here are some likely situations where photo editing apps can help

Imagine this: you are a location scout in rural Vienna, checking out a majestic church for a possible shoot. You are taking thousands of pictures to be able to accurately portray the environment to the production team back home. All your shots are gorgeous except for one thing: people keep walking into the frame. Thankfully, you can select and extract these unwanted elements and remove them from each photo.

You are a history grad student who has just gained access to a guarded collection of archives, and are tasked with capturing these images to be catalogued. Some of the photos have not been touched by human hands for decades. White gloves are required. You cannot use a photocopier, as the pictures are too fragile and would fall apart. Others are scratched and creased, resulting in very obscured images. However, you can snap a digital picture without the flash and use a restoration feature on your photo app to restore the image.

Right before your big trip overseas, you invest in a new mobile device. You spend the long plane ride exploring all the features and setting up your sight-seeing agenda. When you hit the ground, your first priority is seeing the local architecture. You wander around the city’s center in a dream, and you want to capture the feeling and share it with your friends. Looking at a variety of angles, you finally select your shot and take a very proficient photo. Using an app called PhotoRetoucher you can also enhance it with a vintage filter and share it on Instagram*.

In this scenario, you are a real estate agent. You are showing a fixer-upper. It has great potential, but will require a little imagination to get buyers interested. By cropping, zooming in and rotating some of the images, you can emphasize the home’s great features, and reduce the focus on some of the outdated fixtures.

That antique lamp you posted online finally gained some interest– from someone half way around the world. After some back and forth on email, you realize the interested buyers want to see a more close-up version of the images. By converting to another photo editing format, they are convinced this is the piece they want. Another successful sale!

In all of these less than “picture perfect” possible scenarios, an app such as PhotoRetoucher includes features to address your photo needs. It delivers excellent quality, elastic editing capabilities and a wide range of formatting options. Features such as Object Extractor neatly remove unwanted details; Scratch Removal allows digital versions of damaged photos to be restored and filters achieve a signature aesthetic. This combination of options suits a wide range of professional and personal purposes, letting you achieve the look you want, right on your high resolution screen. PhotoRetoucher is enabled for 2 in 1 devices powered by Intel® Core™ M Processors.

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