How To Contribute to the Intel® Developer Zone

The Intel® Developer Zone is a community for developers using Intel technology specifically in the Ultrabook™, Tablet and Phone, Embedded Systems, Business Client, and Server areas. While we strive to provide the most useful content for this site, we also look forward to contributions from our community members since they are the users of the technology that we talk about. We believe that diverse experiences, expertise and knowledge shared by our members helps us build vibrant, active communities.

Each time you contribute to Intel Developer Zone, you earn points. The Intel® Black Belt Software Developer Program is a program designed to recognize members for their time and effort to help make the Intel Developer Zone a valuable developer resource. You can read more about the benefits and point system at

There are several ways to be an active contributor for the Intel Developer Zone.

  • Writing articles for publication
  • Contributing as a Blog writer
  • Participating in the Discussion Forums

The first thing you need to do is register on the Intel Developer Zone to obtain a community account.

Process for Non-Intel employees to contribute to Intel Developer Zone

Article - We encourage our community to contribute technical articles, white papers, case studies or how-tos. The process to do so is as follows:

  1. Once you are a registered user you can access the Content Management System at
  2. Enter the title; remember the title will also form the URL so choose carefully.
  3. Enter an abstract and the content in the description field. There are other fields but you can leave those for the administrator to fill in.
  4. Once you submit the article it will be reviewed by our team.
  5. We will notify you once the article is reviewed.

Blogs - Before you can create a blog, there is a process to be approved as a blogger. Intel wants to make sure you understand the ground rules and has created a few articles you must read before you can ask to be a blogger. If you're not an Intel employee, you can get all the information you need here:

Once you've read the above article, contact for a short training.

If you are an Intel employee, there is a page on Intel's internal wiki that walks you through the required steps on how to post on the Intel Developer Zone blog. Please contact the Intel® Developer Zone support team or Josh Bancroft for additional details.

Forums - Being a forum contributor is another form of providing valuable information to the community. To participate in the forums you can visit once you are a registered user. You can start a new thread for any existing forum. The steps are as follows:

  1. Pick a Forum
  2. Click the New Topic button
  3. Enter a thread title
  4. Enter a thread description
  5. Click Submit

There is no approval process for starting a new thread.

If you have further questions please feel free to email the Intel® Developer Zone support team and we will be happy to help you. We are excited about receiving your contributions!

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satinder s.'s picture

I wanna work with intel as a contributor for video processing So what I can do for that ?

QUSAY A.'s picture

Hi guys,

How I can find and contact specific person here? 

co-producer's picture

I would like some tools/software to develop my Exotic Holiday Membership WebSite,

can anyone help? Check my profile for more details.

raja38's picture

Hi Arti !!!!

Ya am ready for the article contribution , pls guide me where i have to post that XML Technology Article

Raja >>>

anonymous's picture

my name is a naval kishor gour from India. i am interested tackenologey for computer sortware but i licket computer hardwired i want to be addmet this collage and laran this coress

anonymous's picture

I would like to contribute for a development a implementation of OpenCL for linux ? its possible ?

duanjinhua's picture

Thank the community.I will to contribute my thought: So crazy experience,intel is a forever dream in my software always drive revolution,I cannot escape from unpleasantness mistake.

artigupta (Intel)'s picture

Just dropped you a note, there are opportunities to blog, write articles or video interviews. Let talk on email re: details

Joshua-Derek Jason Bossman-Adotevi's picture

Hey Arti, i have been thinking about the manner in which i would like to contribute. What kind of blog posts would be most relevant to the intel community? I am also very interested in developing applications for the App-Up program but some of the components i require might take some time to develop. Also what videos would be appropriate? Thanks a lot for your interest. i look forward to working with and contributing to the community.

artigupta (Intel)'s picture

Hi Joshua-derek - that is great! Welcome to the community. Drop me a note on how you would like to contribute, your thoughts are very welcome



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