How to create video wall with MSDK sample_multi_transcode

1. Download and install MSDK samples

Download and install MSDK sample from or

2. Create par file for sample_multi_transcode for 4 sources

-i::h264 crowd_run_1080p.264 -vpp_comp_dst_x 0 -vpp_comp_dst_y 0 -vpp_comp_dst_w 960 -vpp_comp_dst_h 540     -join -o::sink
-i::h264 crowd_run_1080p.264 -vpp_comp_dst_x 960 -vpp_comp_dst_y 0 -vpp_comp_dst_w 960 -vpp_comp_dst_h 540   -join -o::sink
-i::h264 crowd_run_1080p.264 -vpp_comp_dst_x 0 -vpp_comp_dst_y 540 -vpp_comp_dst_w 960 -vpp_comp_dst_h 540   -join -o::sink
-i::h264 crowd_run_1080p.264 -vpp_comp_dst_x 960 -vpp_comp_dst_y 540 -vpp_comp_dst_w 960 -vpp_comp_dst_h 540 -join -o::sink
-vpp_comp_only 4 -join -i::source

3. About parameters use in sample_multi_transode

-o::sink   | Output of this session serves as input for all sessions using the -i::source.
-i::source | The session receives the output of the session using the -o::sink option at input.
-join      | Join the session to another session.

More information about parameters, please refer to readme-multi-transcode.pdf in the source code folder.
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