How to get the local help documentation of Intel Parallel Studio 2011 within a non-English Visual Studio 2010 environment

Reference Number :  DPD200159046

Version : 2011
Product : 

  • Intel® Parallel Studio 2011
  • Intel® Parallel Advisor 2011
  • Intel® Parallel Composer 2011
  • Intel® Parallel Amplifier 2011
  • Intel® Parallel Inspector 2011
Operating System : 
Windows OS with non-English Microsoft Visual Studio 2010* only

Problem Description : 
On a Windows system with non-English Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, after installing the Intel Parallel Studio 2011, when you access the help documentation from menu "Help -> Intel Parallel Studio 2011 -> Parallel Studio Help -> Composer Help or Amplifier Help or Inspector Help or Advisor Help" within Visual Studio 2010, you will get an error that the local help does not exist.

Resolution Status : 
This is a known issue and the work-around is below.
  1. Open your non-English Visual Studio 2010, select the equivalent menu "Help -> Manage Help Settings"; The "Help Library Manager" dialog will be displayed as below in locale language:
  2. Select 4th item "Intell content from disk" on the list from above dialog; it will ask you to locate the help media (*.msha file), and you can find the following 7 help media provided by the Intel Parallel Studio 2011:
    • [install-dir]\Parallel Studio 2011\Advisor\documentation\msvhelp\en\helpcontentsetup.msha
    • [install-dir]\Parallel Studio 2011\Amplifier\documentation\msvhelp\en\helpcontentsetup.msha
    • [install-dir]\Parallel Studio 2011\Inspector\documentation\msvhelp\en\helpcontentsetup.msha
    • [install-dir]\Parallel Studio 2011\Composer\Documentation\msvhelp\1033\compiler_c\helpcontentsetup.msha
    • [install-dir]\Parallel Studio 2011\Composer\Documentation\msvhelp\1033\idb\helpcontentsetup.msha
    • [install-dir]\Parallel Studio 2011\Composer\Documentation\msvhelp\1033\ipp\helpcontentsetup.msha
    • [install-dir]\Parallel Studio 2011\Composer\Documentation\msvhelp\1033\tbb\helpcontentsetup.msha
    * For default installation, the [install-dir] is "c:\program files\intel" or "c:\program files (x86)\intel" on x64 OS.

    Select only one of the help media above, you will see another screen like below:
    Scroll the horizontal-bar to the right, under the "Action" column, click "Add", and then click on the "Update" button. This will install the help media with Visual Studio 2010. When the installation is finished, you should be able to access this help documentation from menu "Help -> Intel Parallel Studio 2011...".
  3. Go-through step #2 again to install all the 7 help media.  
  4. Then you can access the Intel Parallel Studio help within Visual Studio 2010.

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