How to Get Windows* Hello Working on Windows* 10 Insider Preview (and RTM)

Update: the following article remain valid for the RTM (release to Manufacturer) version of Windows* 10. In the days following the release of July 29th some little issues has raised relating to the return from Standby where the camera was not restarted correctly and the recognition function don't work. The solution is in the updated version of DCM (rel ) that you can find in IDZ site or directly in download center.

The new package contains updated firmware for F200 camera and new driver in order to solve the issue.

Just one more thing, keep attention if you are using also the Realsense SDK on your PC because after the DCM update you need to refer the Realsense App to the device named Realsense 3D Vitual Driver and not the other two (RGB and depth) otherwise the app will crash. Refer to release note of DCM for more on this.


One of the cool new features announced for the upcoming WIndows* 10 is Windows* Hello.

It's essentially a new way to login in the system with an exclusive face recognition feature that auto log the user when it come in front of its PC.

How it works

This magic feature is based on a magic technology that tag a face and can recognize it back securely.

The recognition is done using two type of camera in cooperation; the first is a classical HD camera and the second is a depth camera (infrared) for 3D an temperature scanning.

The system recognize and match a lot of point describing specific target of the face, the eyes, the lips, the nose etc; describing a precise path different for each person and assigning to this array of points a specific and unique tag.

When the system come in non-logged state it automatically try to recognize the face coming behind it and matching with the one archived for the local Windows* Hello, if a match is done it auto log to the corresponding user profile.

On the Windows* 10 side the game is done by Passport that log you to the system (using the PIN password) only when the biometric device (in this case the camera) acknowledge the recognition of you face; it works essentially in the same manner on all the device with a fingerprint reader embedded. The system already manage also the retina scan login, but you will obviously need a specific retina scan device.

Obviously it doesn't work with photo, or miniature of the face.....

What whe need to get it work

Actually there's only one standalone device certified for Windows* Hello, the Intel® Realsense camera F200.

It's a 3D camera part of a Intel® Dev Kit Developed by Intel® named Realsense SDK: this SDK is a big set o free library to enable feature like Face recognition, face detection, object tracking, gesture recognition, speech synthesys and speech recognition. You can freely download it from this link.

Otherwise you need a device with a Realsense camera onboard (click here for a full list).

You  only need a device running Windows* 10 (the Insider Technical preview also).

How to do it

Connect the camera to you Win 10 device, the system will automatically recognize some new devices

Realsense Camera in Device Manager

In order to install the new available driver and eventualy update the formware of the camera we need to download and install  the "Intel® RealSense Depth Camera Manager (DCM)" software from Intel® at this link.

After the download install and run it, follow instruction to update driver and firmware of the camera.

For the next step go to Windows* 10 Settings/Accounts/Sign In options and define PIN password.


Once defined it close and reopen Settings /Accounts/Sign-in options you'll see also a Windows* Hello option!

Click on Set Up, press Get Started, the system will ask for you PIN password, enter it and a preview of the image captured from the F200 camera will appear.

Once the operation end succesfully the system will show the message AllSet!

Close the window and try immediately to sign out from actual session.

When the system return to the login page will immediately recognize you (if you are still in front of your PC obviously) and auto login in your profile.


Thats it!


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As of today the DCM and driver package version has been released.

It solve the behavior on sleep/standby and improve some other function like outdoor recognition for Windows Hello.

Go to download center and get it!


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 Johan you are right!

The problem is that by default the realsense camera follow the rules applied to the USB, actually Windows put in standby the USB port in order to save battery life. When the system is resumed the USB don't come ready immediately and consequently the camera don't come online for the login.

A possible workaround is to disable the option to put in standby the USB port where the camera is connected in the Device Manager/Universal Serial Bus Controller/Generic USB Hub.

Be aware to enable it only for the correct USB port (the one where the camera is connected).

I hope a future driver update solve this issue.


Have you tried to let your computer go to sleep and have the camera wake up automatically?

The method you describe only works for me if I lock the screen immediately after this setup and then log back in. As soon as it goes to sleep the camera becomes unresponsive.


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