How to Install and Use the Intel® MPI Library and Microsoft* MPI on the Same Cluster

Installing both MPI implementations on a single system does not typically present a problem.  The two implementations are installed in different folders and as such should not conflict with each other.

In order to have both usable, there are some considerations.  A binary developed with one implementation cannot be gauranteed to work with the other implementation.  As such, the user and/or the developer should always be aware of which implementation is being used.  The Intel® MPI Library can be selected by running the batch file:

<installation folder>MPI<version><architecture>binmpivars.bat

This will set the %PATH%, %LIB%, and %INCLUDE% environment variable to find the Intel® MPI Library, as well as setting additional variables used by the Intel® MPI Library.  In order to use the Microsoft* MPI implementation, you can either set your environment variables to find its installation folder first, or use the full path when running.

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