How to resolve dat_conf issues affecting Platform MPI


The Intel® Cluster Checker test dat_conf verifies that the file /etc/dat.conf does not contain any entries known to affect some versions of Platform MPI* (formerly HP MPI*).  The error may appear similar to the following example:

Valid dat.conf entries, (dat_conf).....................................FAILED
subtest 'Device: ehca0' failed
- failing hosts compute-00-00 - compute-00-05 returned: '/etc/dat.conf contains Interface Adapter entries known to trigger a fault in HP MPI version 2.2.5 or earlier. Please contact Hewlett-Packard for more information.'


Some versions of the Open Fabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED) insert example entries into /etc/dat.conf.  However, some older versions of HP MPI / Platform MPI assume that all /etc/dat.conf entries are valid and active.  


Remove or comment out all entries in /etc/dat.conf that are not valid.

These lines must be removed/commented out like so:

For example, the following two entries have been commented out by inserting the '#' character at the beginning of the line:

# OpenIB-mlx4_0-1 u1.2 nonthreadsafe default dapl.1.2 "mlx4_0 1" ""
# OpenIB-mlx4_0-2 u1.2 nonthreadsafe default dapl.1.2 "mlx4_0 2" ""

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