How to set INTEL_LICENSE_FILE Environment Variable

Once you have installed the Intel® Software License Manager and installed the client application, the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE environment variable must be set. Most Intel® Software Development Products have an environment variables file (e.g. for the Intel C++ Compiler for Linux*) that can be run to set up the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE variable correctly. This environment variable must be set for proper authentication of the product license file.

Other ways to set up the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE environment variable:

On Windows* systems, follow these steps:

1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables

2. Under system variables click New.

3. Enter INTEL_LICENSE_FILE in the text box for Variable Name.

4. In the Variable value text box, input the full path to the folder where one or more licenses reside. You may provide multiple path values separated by semicolons “;”.

5. Click OK > OK > OK.

On Linux* and OS X* systems, use following commands:

  • Bash shell, Bourne shell (sh), and Korn shell (ksh) use the export and assignment commands:

$ export INTEL_LICENSE_FILE=</path/to/license/file>

where, </path/to/license/file> should be the folder in which one or more license files reside. You can provide multiple path values to the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE variable by using “:” as a separator. For example,

$ export INTEL_LICENSE_FILE=/opt/intel/licenses:$HOME/intel/licenses

  • C shell (csh), use the setenv command:

% setenv INTEL_LICENSE_FILE </path/to/license/file>

For more details, please refer to Chapter 4.2, Intel® Software License Manager User's Guide.

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