How to set INTEL_LICENSE_FILE to reduce license checkout delay?

When using the Intel® Compiler you may notice a delay in each invocation of the compiler which could be due to the time incurred for fetching the correct license on the system for enabling the product and the corresponding features thereof.

To avoid the above scenario make sure to check that the environment variable INTEL_LICENSE_FILE is set to the absolute path of the license file used for the product. For example, on Linux* bash shell the setting would be:

        % export INTEL_LICENSE_FILE=/opt/intel/licenses/myproduct.lic

In general, all Flex-enabled products check for the environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE setting to retrieve the explicit location of the license file the user intended for the product. The exception is for the vendor “INTEL” in that, the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE is checked first and LM_LICENSE_FILE next for a valid license file. Also note that INTEL_LICENSE_FILE is used regardless of whether the license file resides locally or on a remote server for Intel products.

If a valid license file is still not found after checking as above, it is inherent in FlexNet Licensing Service mechanism to check all locations even if a valid license is found in the first instance of the search. Thus, the mere fact of specifying many locations or keeping a large number of license files may slow down license checkouts.

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