How to use Intel® Inspector XE 2013 on Tool suite code-named Emberson



Emberson is the code name for the new embedded software tool suite.  This tool suite includes Intel® Inspector XE 2013. This article will explain the steps you need to follow to run Inspector XE 2013 on an embedded platform.


The embedded OS we will be focused on is Yocto Project* version 1.2. This platform supports many Intel board support packages (BSP’s) and it also allows you to work without running any physical embedded hardware by letting you develop via an emulator that they provide. The following steps explain how to setup an application and then run an Intel® Inspector XE 2013 collection on it via the Yocto Project* emulator(runqemu).  Here are the steps we will take to run our collection:

  1. Setting up a Yocto Project* 1.2 environment.
    1. Cross compilers
    2. Yocto Project* pre-built kernel
    3. File system to NFS mount from host
  2. Install Intel Inspector XE 2013
    1. Install Intel Inspector XE 2013
    2. Copy installation to root file system created above.
  3. Cross compiling the tachyon sample application
    1. Build the application
    2. Copy to root file system created above.
  4. Start a QEMU emulator session
    1. Login to emulator
    2. cd /home/root
  5. Run an Intel Inspector XE 2013 on the tachyon sample code
  6. On your Linux* host open the Inspector XE results and view results in the Inspector XE GUI


Setting up a Yocto Project* 1.2 environment

  1. Download the pre-built toolchain, which includes the runqemu script and support files
    download from:
    1. The following tool chain tarball is for a 32-bit development host system and a 32-bit target architecture: poky-eglibc-i686-i586-toolchain-gmae-1.2.tar.bz2
    2. You need to install this tar ball on your Linux* host in the root “/” directory. This will create an installation area “/opt/poky/1.2”
  2. Downloading the Pre-Built Linux* Kernel
    you can download the pre-built Linux* kernel (*zImage-qemu<arch>.bin OR vmlinux-qemu<arch>.bin).

      1. download:
      2. This article assumes this file is located ~/yocto/ bzImage-qemux86.bin
  3. Create a file system
    1. from:
    2. Download core-image-sato-sdk-qemux86.tar.bz2
    3. source /opt/poky/1.2/environment-setup-i586-poky-linux 
      mkdir -p ~/yocto/file_system/
      runqemu-extract-sdk core-image-sato-sdk-qemux86.tar.bz2  ~/yocto/file_system/
    4. This will create a root file system that you can access for your host and emulated session.

Install Intel® Inspector XE 2013

  1. Install Intel® Inspector XE 2013 on your Linux* host. Inspector XE is a part of the Emberson suite of tools.
  2. Copy the Intel Inspector XE 2013 installation to the file system you created above.
    1. cp inspector_xe_2013 ~/yocto/file_system/home/root

Cross compiling the tachyon sample code

  1. The tachyon sample code is provided as part of the Inspector XE 2013 release.
  2. On you Linux* host      
    1. Cd ~/yocto
    2.  Untar tachyon : tar xvzf /opt/intel/inspector_xe_2013/samples/en/C++/tachon_insp_xe.tgz
    3. You will need to modify the tachyon sample as follows:
    4. In the top level Makefile:  Comment the line containing CXX.
    5. The the lower level Makefile.gmake ('tachyon/common/gui/Makefile.gmake') Add the following lines:

UI = x
LIBS += -lpthread -lX11
#LIBS += -lXext

  1. source /opt/poky/1.2/environment-setup-i586-poky-linux 
  2. e.      make
  3. f.        Copy the tachyon binary and the create file to ~/yocto/file_system/home/yocto/test


Start a QEMU emulator session

  1. source /opt/poky/1.2/environment-setup-i586-poky-linux 

  2. runqemu bzImage-qemux86.bin ~/yocto/file_system/


Run Intel® Inspector XE 2013 on the tachyon sample code

  1. Login to the QEMU emulator session
    1. User root no password
    2. cd /home/root/inspector_xe_2013
  2. You should see the tachyon binaries and inspector directory in the file system copied from above.
  3. source /home/root/inspector_xe_2013/
  4. Run an Inspector collection:

Create directory test; cd test

inspxe-cl –no-auto-finalize –collect mi2 ../tachyon_find_hotspots

Note: the above will perform a level 2 memory checking analysis.

Run inspxe-cl –collect help to see some other collections you can do.

On your Linux* host: Open the Inspector XE results

  1. You can view the results you create above on you Linux host. You should see a directory ~/yocto/file_system/home/root/test/r000mi2.
  2. To view these results in Intel® Inspector XE 2013 on your Linux host/
    1.  Source /opt/intel/inspector_xe _2013/inspxe-vars.s
    2.  inspxe-gui ~/yocto/file_system/home/root/test/r000mi2
    3. You should see the following results in Inspector XE 2013


Intel Inspector XE 2013 is a powerful tool for finding correctness errors in your code. The Emberson tool suite now provides the capability to run Inspector XE 2013 in an embedded environment.


For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.