HTML code examples

This are quick examples on how to use tags:

Header helps to create the outline of the document flow within the page:

    <h1>Title goes here</h1>
    <h2>And subtitle...</h2>

Nav defines the area where links for the page are:

<nav><a href="/home/">Home</a> |
    <a href="/blog/">Blog</a> |
    <a href="/about/">About</a> |
    <a href="/contact/">Contact</a> |

Article creates a meaningful section for stories, also useful for syndication:

    <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse eu diam magna...</p>

Figure defines graphic elements in the document, and with the help of optional figcaption to create captions:

    <img src="funnycat.jpg" alt="I love cats.">
    <figcaption>Cat playing with toy</figcaption>

Section is a generic section inside of the document, with it's own structure:

    <p>...angam maid ue essidnepsuS .tile gnicsipida rutetcesnoc ,tema tis rolod muspi meroL</p>

Aside is a section considered related but not part of the main content, like side notes or archives:

        <li>October 2011</li>
        <li>September 2011</li>

Footer represents an ending message, usually copyright or contact information:

<footer>Foobar Inc </footer>
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