HTML5 How-To Video Series for Ultrabooks™

HTML5 is fast becoming an effective cross-platform development language, helping developers write and manage code they can deploy on multiple devices. We've pulled together a series of videos to help developers get a basic understanding of HTML5 for development of Ultrabook applications.

  1. Video 1 - HTML5 Screencasts: Introduction - This video will give you an introduction to HTML5. Why it is an important evolution of web technology, and an overview of the features.
  2. Video 2 - HTML5 Markup - This video will give you an overview of the markup changes in HTML5
  3. Video 3 - HTML5 and CSS3 - This video will give you an introduction to CSS three and how it's used in HTML5 application
  4. Video 4 - HTML5 Interactivity - This video gives you an introduction to manipulating the DOM 
  5. Video 5 - HTML5 Forms - This video is an overview of HTML 5 forms including input types, new on attributes and client side validation.
  6. Video 6 - HTML5 Graphics - This video is an overview of SVG, web fonts and the canvas tag.
  7. Video 7 - HTML5 Audio and Video - This video shows you the basics of audio and video in HTML5 application. 
  8. Video 8 - HTML5 Communications: Part 1 - Ajax and Cross Origin Requests
  9. Video 9 - HTML5 Communications: Part 2 - Cross-Document messaging and Web Workers
  10. Video 10 - HTML5 Communications: Part 3 - Server-Sent Events and WebSocket
  11. Video 11 - HTML5 Storage - The video gives an overview of local storage, indexdb and WebSQL
  12. Video 12 - HTML5 Device Access - This video talks about how an HTML5 application uses Geolocation, Audio input, accelerometers, webcamera and file system access.

Learn more about developing apps for Ultrabooks as well as other HTML5 tools and packaging solutions for monetizing and distribution HTML5 apps to Ultrabook devices at our Ultrabook Community.

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