India Webinar Series - Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013

Title : What's New in Intel® Vtune Amplifier XE 2013

Abstract: Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2013 is the premier profiler for C, C++, C#, FORTRAN, Assembly and Java*. This presentation/demo will help you to understand new features like Call counts, hardware stack sampling, better bandwidth analysis, Java profiling, tune Intel® Xeon Phi™ products, user tasks, DirectX* frames, power analysis and more. This session is intended for users who have some experience with Intel® Vtune Amplifier XE 2011, but new users should also benefit from the presentation.

Title: Using the Intel® Math Kernel Library 11.0 and Compiler to Obtain Run-to-Run Reproducible Results

Abstract: Floating-point intensive applications-from Hollywood to Wall Street-have for years been challenged to provide both great performance and exactly the same results from run to run. Factors such as run-time selectable and optimized code paths, non-deterministic parallelism, array alignment and even the underlying operating system may influence the results computed. Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) 11.0 now includes features that can help users obtain Conditional Numerical Reproducibility (CNR) results when calling Intel MKL functions from their applications. This presentation will educate Intel software tool users and programmers on how to use Intel MKL and the Intel compiler to balance performance with the reproducible results their applications require.

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