Installation of Intel® Parallel Amplifier on non-English Windows* Operating Systems

There is a known issue installing the Intel® Parallel Amplifier Beta Update 4 on non-English operating systems with a Language (under the Advanced tab of Regional and Language Options) set to Chinese, Korean or Japanese to match the language version of the non-Unicode programs you want to use.


After installing the Intel® Parallel Amplifier, the “Amplifier icon” does not appear on the Microsoft Visual* Studio toolbar. When you try to integrate with Microsoft Visual Studio* 2005, you will see the following message:

Error: Failed to integrate the product
Suggestion: Please contact Intel Premier Support for a solution to this problem.


1. Change "Language for non-Unicode program" setting from Chinese/Korean/Japanese to English, using "Control Panel"->"Regional and Language Options"->"Advanced"
2. Reboot system
3. Install Intel® Parallel Amplifier
4. Change "Language for non-Unicode programs" setting back to Chinese/Korean/Japanese

The user should see the Intel® Parallel Amplifier icon on the Microsoft* Visual Studio* toolbar now.
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