Intel® 20 Questions Contest: Question 10


Intel® 20 Questions Contest: Question #10

Intel® Parallel Composer


Intel® Parallel Composer: Extract project and source files from <Intel Parallel Studio directory>\Composer\Samples\en_US\C++\ How many SSE3 intrinsics does intrin_double_sample.c use to multiply 2 complex numbers?

Correct Answer:


Intel® Compilers implement intrinsics that map directly to the SIMD instructions so that you don't have to program in inline assembly implementing the most efficient version of your algorithm. The list of supported operations includes load/set/store, arithmetic, and logical operations (see Figure 1 for example).

Figure 1:

composer intrinsic

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

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Farokh Khajuee's picture

I used following URL as reference

Here it is said that _mm_mul_pd is SSE2. So I did not count such instructions!!!

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