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Thank you to all those who joined the Intel Academic Community, Intel® Software TV (ISTV), and SC Communities at SC10 on site in New Orleans or online during our live streming. If you couldn't make it, we've got you covered! Tune in below for exclusive interviews with professors, student challenge winners, and technical experts.

Dr. Daniel Ernst
Dr. Daniel Ernst

Tom and Paul discuss plans for SC10 and introduce the EAPF, the Educational alliance for a Parallel Future.

Evan Smyth
Tiki Suarez-Brown and Bob Beck

Tiki and Bob introduce the Student Cluster Competition.

Evan Smyth
SCC Teams U of Colorado Boulder and Nizhni Novogorod State University

Team leads, Bob Dunn from Colorado and Anna Labutina from Nizhni introduce their teams.

Charlie Peck and Henry Neeman

Dr. Henry Neeman, SC Education Chair 2011 and Dr. Charlie Peck, Deputy Chair, on education prgram and plans for SC11.

Luis Vicente and Andrew Fitz Gibbon
The SC Education Program & the Student Programming Challenge. Transitoning from attendee to Leadership in SC Education.


Rebecca Hartman-Baker and Racquell Holmes.

Dr. Hartman-Baker and Holmes discuss the broader Engagement Community, its goals and how our discipline is engaging with traditonally under-represented communities.

Beth Tibbets, Ritu Arora, and Veronica Bustamante
Veronica and Ritu, three year veterans of the Broader Engagement program discuss their experiences and their move to leadership.

Dr. Tibbets (IBM) discusses her work with the Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) on the Eclipse project.

Kodiak Cullen and Carolina Cruz.
Student Volunteers at SC 10 Dr. Cruz, past student volunteer, now volunteer leader talks of the Student Volunteer program. She discusses her work bringing HPC to high school students


EAPF Day One Wrap Up.

Charlie Peck (Earlham College), Matt Wolf(GA. Tech), Tom Murphy (Contra Costa College) and Ben Gaster (AMD) of the Educational Alliance for a Parallel Future (EAPF) discuss the first day of SC10 Broadcasting.

Lillian Israel, Membership Director, ACM
. Lillian discusses the range of activities addressesd by ACM including K-12, High Scjhool, universities and teacher certification. Lillian also discusses the Parall Computing Tech Pack and EAPF cooperation.

Daniel Dietz, Alexander Younts, Randy Herban
of the Purdue University Student Cluster Challenge team.

Ritu Arora, Veronica Bustamante, Eric Seidel, John Donaldson

Eric Seidel, City College of New York and John Donaldson, Northwest Nazarene University.

Eric and Josh discuss their path into HPC and their experiences as student vlolunteers at SC10.

Barbara and Swaroop outline their research regarding languages and compilers for parallel computing. Lastly they speak of their experiences as females in a highly male dominated field and what they are doing to change this dynamic.
Caio discusses his research surrounding machine learning at Auburn University and what the Broader Engagement program has done for him and his research. Antoinette outlines the specifics of the Mentor-Protégé program.
Elizabeth Bautista, System Analyst for PDF at NERSC speaks about her research used by high energy physics applications. Dan Ernst whose background is in computer architecture, discusses his research centered on how to teach students in an undergrad environment.
David Abramson discusses details of the Early Adopter's program and how PhD students can benefit from HPC. While Dave Lee and Derek Gerstmann provide insight to how parallel computing can be implemented into their projects.
Three PhD students talk about what they gained from the Early Adopters workshop and how they plan to incorporate HPC into their projects. As well as pass on their insights to future Early Adopter's students.
Paul Steinberg (Intel), Matt Wolf(GA. Tech), Andrew Fitz Gibbon(Shodor Education Foundation) and Ben Gaster (AMD) of the Educational Alliance for a Parallel Future (EAPF) discuss the second day of SC10 Broadcasting

Byron Robertson
, a third year PhD student from the University of Wisconsin speaks about his project studying minority student achievement in science. As well as his conclusions regarding recommended changes to the current academic system.

Jan Kasiak, Anthony Biondo, Yibin Lin
Stonybrook University Student Cluster Challenge Team

Stephen Harrell, Anna Labutina, Doug Smith
The Co-chairs of the student cluster challenge provide insight about what happens behind the scenes of the SC challenge and their plans for next year!

Charles Lively and Douglas Fuller
outline the steps future teams can take to get involved in the 2011 student cluster challenge, including international teams.

Henry Neeman
speaks of his plans for the future of the Education committee as chair in 2011.
Paul Steinberg (Intel), Matt Wolf(GA. Tech), Tom Murphy (Contra Costa College) and Ben Gaster (AMD) of the Educational Alliance for a Parallel Future (EAPF) discuss the third day of SC10 Broadcasting

SCC Winners: National Tsing Hua U.


Take 30 seconds to watch our video preview: Intel® Software Television broadcast live at SC10 with the SC Communities. Shows featured technical talks, daily wrap-ups, and in-depth, interactive discussions with SC Community members and leaders.


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Slides from SC10 Panels

Preparing for Extreme Parallel Environments: Models for Parallelism


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Content from SC09
The complete list of Intel panels, talks, BOFs and events can be downloaded:
Download the Intel talk schedule, PDF (427 KB)

The Intel Academic Community also sponsored the following Panel Sessions:

Teach Parallel: Developing a Curriculum for Parallelism

Preparing the World for Ubiquitous Parallelism

Teach Parallel: Developing a Curriculum for Parallelism

  • Dr. John Gustafson (Intel Labs)
  • Robert Chesebrough (Intel)
  • Dr. Jim Larus (Microsoft)
  • Dr. Bill Dally (NVIDIA)
  • Dr. Simon McIntosh-Smith (Bristol University)
  • Dr. Charlie Peck, Earlham College

Moderator: Tom Murphy (Contra Costa College)

Preparing the World for Ubiquitous Parallelism

  • Dr. Benedict Gaster (AMD)
  • Kevin Goldsmith (Adobe Systems Inc.)
  • Dr. Charlie Peck (Earlham College)
  • Dr. Steven Parker (NVIDIA)
  • Dr. Michael Wrinn (Intel Corporation)
  • Dr. Evan Smyth (DreamWorks)

Moderator: Dr. Matthew Wolf (Georgia Institute of Technology)

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