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Modular Courseware for Mobile App Development

Are you teaching your students vital mobile application development skills?

A shift in software design is taking place as consumer usage models evolve with new devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Students understand that mobile application development is a skill that they will need to compete in the marketplace. They recognize that a seamless experience across devices is more important than ever to the success of an application.

The Intel® Academic Community MeeGo program will help professors enhance their course modules for mobile application development for MeeGo based devices. Integrating lessons and samples into your current courses is an easy way to teach students to develop effective and marketable mobile applications.

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Download New Course:
"Introduction to
Software Development on MeeGo"

All modules of the course "Introduction to Software Development on MeeGo" are available on the Academic Community Educational Exchange (slides, hands-on labs, and assignments included). We are very interested in your feedback on the course! Please check it out and let us know what you think. Learn more >>

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