Intel® ArBB Videos, Tutorials and Webinars

The following tutorials and webinars help you to learn about Intel® ArBB, the dynamic runtime, types and containers, programming syntax, and best coding practices. These video presentations target both new and experienced Intel ArBB users.


Featured Video : Code Tips II Webinar

Thanks to our user base and increasing community we extend the first “Code Tips” webinar. In this webinar, we discuss best practices including:


  • How to develop in immediate mode and later “toggle” to production/JIT code
  • How to get initial data into a container (memory mapping and binding)
  • How to update the values of a containers according to an index

We share code examples, background information, and insight to our design decisions.

This webinar is great for developers who want to have a fresh start after some initial steps, or people who are preparing to have a look at Intel ArBB. It is also a great chance to ask questions of Intel ArBB engineers and experts during and after this webinar.


Video Topics

Topic Length Difficulty Description
Short Introduction 5:00 Beginner A quick overview of the dynamic engine, memory handling and container types, includes a simple code example
Syntax Tutorial: Range 3:57 Beginner Walkthrough a code example that shows how to use the range interface to avoid needless copies
Syntax Tutorial: Bind 5:40 Beginner Walkthrough a code example that shows how to strategically use the bind interface to improve performance
Intel ArBB and C/C++ Extensions for Array Notation 19:40 Beginner Intel engineers discuss the similarities and differences between Intel® ArBB and C/C++ Extensions for Array Notation
Technical Overview Webinar 54:45 Intermediate An in-depth overview of the execution model and syntax, includes several code examples
Short Overview of Code Tips 7:10 Intermediate A quick introduction to avoiding several common programming pitfalls
Code Tips Webinar 55:51 Intermediate An in-depth syntax discussion on map function usage, user defined types, and programming for performance
Code Tips Webinar II 42:51 Intermediate An in-depth syntax presentation on toggling between development/production code, memory binding, and updating container values according to an index
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