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awesome tool. I hope it'll

awesome tool. I hope it'll get more attention from the devs in the future. A better visualization would be nice, and faster run time - the tool really chokes if you reach about a thousand of instructions to analyz

If you are not going to support it, at least please release the source

This looks promising, but I

This looks promising, but I was unable to test it on my (64-bit) Linux installation. It would appear I'm missing several dependencies, including the 32-bit libc++ library. To save installing a bunch of 32-bit libraries, would it be possible to get a 64-bit linux build? And/or use the same shell script installation system that ICC et al use to install prerequisites?

Much obliged, Matt

The mac binary has a readme

The mac binary has a readme.txt that suggests setting the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH in order to run the iaca binary. The bin directory includes a shell script that does that for you. An even simpler way to make this work is to use this command to fix the binary to correctly find its shared library:

cd iaca-mac32/bin
install_name_tool -change ../iaca-mac32/lib/ ../lib/ iaca

Now the binary runs w/o any changes to the environment variables. Your original build process should probably be fixed to use this correct install name.

I am downloading the Intel Architecture Code Analizer in an attempt to straighten out an Internal Source code Error. I'll give you feedback if it corrects the problem. Sincerly,...Shard...

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hi there all.
i need the C++ code analyser to dig into the linux programs, for developing and assembling high speed linux for desktop computers.