Intel® Array Building Blocks Installation Guide for Linux*


This document explains how to install and configure Intel® Array Building Blocks software for Linux* OS. Installation is a multi-step process. Before you begin the installation, please read this document in its entirety, as well as the System Requirements section in the Release Notes. For information about the product contents, including new and changed features, please refer to Release Notes as well.

Obtaining Intel® Array Building Blocks Software

Before installing Intel® Array Building Blocks software, you should check the Product Downloads section of the Intel® Registration Center to see if a newer version or update is available. The version on CD or as listed in your electronic download license letter may not be the most current.

Installing Intel® Array Building Blocks

To install Intel® Array Building Blocks software package on Linux* OS, use the following instructions. The installation software installs the full Intel® Array Building Blocks software file set for all supported processors.

  1. If you received Intel® Array Building Blocks software as a download, unpack the package to a directory to which you have write access:
    [plain:nogutter:nocontrols]> tar zxvf [/plain:nogutter:nocontrols]
  2. Change directory to where the tar file was extracted, then execute the install script in the directory:
    [plain:nogutter:nocontrols]> ./[/plain:nogutter:nocontrols]
  3. If you are not logged in as root, you will be asked whether you want to install as root (either using the root password or using sudo privileges), or as current user. Installing as root will make the software available to all users on the system. If you do not have root privileges then installing as current user will install the software to your private area.
  4. The install scipt will display a series of dialog screens. Please follow the instructions to begin the installation.
  5. The install script checks prerequisites and displays information on missing optional and critical prerequisites. Resolve all critical issues before continuing the installation. Resolving non-critical issues is strongly recommended but can be skipped.
  6. When prompted to read and accept EULA, read it and select "accept" to accept or "decline" to reject it. If "decline" is selected, the installation reverts to the previous screen.
  7. To continue, you will be prompted to select the type of product activation. 
    1. If the installer detects that you already have a valid license on your system, the first option will be: Use existing license [default]. Press "Enter" to continue.
    2. If you are connected to the Internet and have a serial number, type your serial number and press "Enter". A valid serial number was provided to you in an email when you downloaded the software from Intel® Registration Center.
    3. If you are not connected to the Internet, or if you choose to activate using a license file or a license server, then you can type the corresponding selection and press "Enter" and follow the instructions.
  8. Next, you will decide the installation directory. For the root installation, the default direcatory is
    For the non-root installation, the default directory is
  9. Then, type the selection of "Start installation Now" and press "Enter" to start installation.
  10. It takes a few moments for the installation process to finish. Press "Enter" when it is complete.
  11. When prompted, register your product and create your support account. This gives you access to Intel® Array Building Blocks User Forum, which is the main channel for beta support.
  12. Finally, press "Enter" to complete the installation.

Silent Installation

Silent installation enables installing Intel® Array Building Blocks software on a single Linux* OS machine in a batch mode, without input prompts. To run silent installation:

  1. Log in as root
  2. After the command prompt, enter
    [plain:nogutter:nocontrols]> ./ --silent [<file>][/plain:nogutter:nocontrols]

where <file> is the name of the install configuration file, which contains answers to the installer's questions.

It is your responsibility to create the configuration file for silent installation. To do this, you are encouraged to use the --duplicate option (described below).

Silent installation is especially helpful in case you have to replicate the installation on multiple similarly configured machines, such as cluster nodes. In this case, you should first save the configuration of your installation. To do this, run interactive installation with an additional option:
[plain:nogutter:nocontrols]> ./ --duplicate [<file>][/plain:nogutter:nocontrols]
Running the installation with this option will cause a file to be created that contains all your answers to questions asked. The <file> parameter specifies the filename with the full path. The file must have read-write permissions for the user's account. If the file already exists, it will be overwritten.

[plain:nogutter:nocontrols]> ./ --silent /path/to/mysilentconfig.ini[/plain:nogutter:nocontrols]
This runs silent installation using /path/to/mysilentconfig.ini configuration file.

Uninstalling Intel® Array Building Blocks

To uninstall Intel® Array Building Blocks from your system:

  1. Log in as root (if uninstalling a root installation), or as current user (if uninstalling a non-root installation).
  2. Change directory to the installation directory and then execute the uninstallation script. For example, if you did the root installation in the default directory, then:
    [plain:nogutter:nocontrols]> cd /opt/intel/arbb/ > ./[/plain:nogutter:nocontrols]

Note: Uninstalling Intel® Array Building Blocks does not delete the corresponding license file.

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