Intel® Array Building Blocks Installation Guide for Windows*


This document explains how to install and configure Intel® Array Building Blocks software for Windows* OS. Installation is a multi-step process. Before you begin the installation, please read this document in its entirety, as well as the System Requirements section in the Release Notes. For information about the product contents, including new and changed features, please refer to Release Notes as well.

Obtaining Intel® Array Building Blocks Software

Before installing Intel® Array Building Blocks software, you should check the Product Downloads section of the Intel® Registration Center to see if a newer version or update is available. The version on CD or as listed in your electronic download license letter may not be the most current.

Installing Intel® Array Building Blocks

To install Intel® Array Building Blocks, you must have administrative privileges on your system.

If you received the Intel Array Building Blocks product on CD-ROM, insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive. The setup program should start automatically. If it does not start automatically, navigate to the path of the CD and locate the file named setup.exe and double-click it.

If you received the Intel Array Building Blocks product as a download, double-click on the downloaded file to launch the installation program.

You will be asked to choose a location to store extracted files. You can use the default location or you can change the location. Once the installation process is complete, the location and all the extracted files can be deleted to conserve disk space, if you wish. Click Extractto start extraction.


After files extraction, you will see the following window with welcome messages. Click Next to continue.


In the End User License window, select the radio button "I accept the terms of the license", then click Next.


At the Activation step, you will be asked to choose one of the following three options to activate your product:

  • Use existing activation: This option will be selected by default if a valid license file is found in your system.
  • I have a serial number and want to activate and install my product: Choose this option if you have a serial number and internet connection.
  • Choose alternative activation: Choose this option if you do not have internet connection or if using a license server.

Choose one of the options and click Next.


In the next window, you can choose Full installation to install all features of Intel Array Building Blocks to the default installation folder. The default installatio folder is C:\Program Files\Intel\arbb\Beta1. If you want to change the destination folder or want to configure features to be installed then you can choose Custom installation. Click Next to continue.


The following window will show up, listing the destination folder and components to be installed. Review this information, then click Install to start the installation process.


A window with a progress bar will show up. The installation process will take from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the system you are using.


When the installation process is complete, you will see a confirmation window. Here you can also choose to register an account with Intel® Array Building Blocks User Forum. It is highly recommended to register with the forum. It is the main channel for beta support and it is monitored by Intel® Array Building Blocks developers and engineers.



Add or Remove Microsoft* Visual Studio* Debugger Integration

The debugger integration allows programmers to view the content of Intel® Array Building Blocks containers using Microsoft* Visual Studio* debugger. To enable this integration, go to start -> All Programs -> Intel® Software Development Tools -> Intel® Array Building Blocks 1.0 Beta 1, then click Add MSVC Debugger Integration. To disable the integration, click Remove MSVC Debugger Integration from the same menu. See the KB article "Install Microsoft* Visual Studio* Debugger Integration" for details.


Uninstalling Intel® Array Building Blocks

To uninstall Intel® Array Building Blocks, go to start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs, select Intel® Array Building Blocks 1.0 Beta 1 from the list. Click the Change/Remove button and follow the instructions.


Installation Problems

  1. Intel® ArBB installer blocked by antivirus programs. Some antivirus programs that are configured to block executable files with double extensions may prevent the Intel® ArBB installer from running. Follow the instructions in this KB article to resolve this problem.
  2. Incompatible versions of tbb.dll. Intel® C++ Compiler and Intel® Array Building Blocks both install tbb.dll. But they use incompatible versions of tbb.dll. For users who have both software products installed this may lead to runtime errors for Intel® Array Building Blocks programs. Follow the instructions in this KB article to resolve this issue.
  3. Failure in adding or removing debugger integration. Some users have problems adding/removing Microsoft* Visual Studio* debugger integration for Intel® Array Building Blocks programs. The script either fails without any message or crashes with "Permission denied" runtime error. Follow the instructions in this KB article to resolve this issue.

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