Intel @ GDC 2010

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Ticker Tape: A tech demo that showcases complex particle movement using aerodynamic calculations such as lift and drag. This is all done at high framerates by utilizing an n-way threaded framework and SIMD optimizations. Included in the demo is the capability to dynamically vary the number of threads and usage of SSE so the benefits of both can be easily seen.

Tech Session Materials

Wednesday, March 10
Intel Game Performance Workshop Download Slides
Thursday, March 11
Don't Dread Threads Download Slides
Firaxis' Civilization V: A Case Study in Scalable Game Performance Slides Coming Soon
Friday, March 12
Building Games for Netbooks Download Slides
Simpler Better Faster Vector Download Slides
Tuning your game for next generation Intel graphics Download Slides
Task-based Multithreading – How to Program for 100 core Slides Coming Soon

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