Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux* - Building ACE+TAO with Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux*


This document explains how to configure and build ACE+TAO. From the ACE+TAO web site:

  • ACE† is an open-source framework that provides many components and patterns† for developing high-performance, distributed real-time and embedded systems. ACE provides powerful, yet efficient abstractions for sockets, demultiplexing loops, threads, synchronization primitives.
  • TAO† (The ACE ORB) is an open-source implementation of a CORBA† Object Request Broker (ORB) built using components and patterns in the ACE framework.
    Several companies provide commercial support for ACE+TAO, see† for information. Remedy IT,† , provides support for building ACE+TAO with the Intel® C++ Compiler.
  • Version Information
    The version of ACE+TAO used in this document is ACE version 5.5.8.
  • Obtaining the Source Code
    The ACE+TAO source code was downloaded from /sites/default/files/m/d/4/1/d/8/ACE_TAO.tar.gz† .
  • Obtaining the latest version of Intel® C++ Compiler
    See /en-us/articles/intel-compilers/ for details.
  • Prerequisites
  • Configuration and Set-up Information


    $ tar zxvf ACE+TAO-src.tar.gz 
    $ cd ACE_wrappers/
    $ export ACE_ROOT=`pwd`
    # create configuration file
    $ echo 'zlib=1
    include $(ACE_ROOT)/include/makeinclude/platform_linux_icc.GNU' >
    # create configuration file
    $ echo '#include "ace/config-linux.h"' > $ACE_ROOT/ace/config.h
    $ cd $ACE_ROOT
    $ gmake >& gmake.log


  • TAO Configuration and Set-up Information


    $ export TAO_ROOT=$ACE_ROOT/TAO
    $ cd $TAO_ROOT 
    $ gmake >& gmake.log 


  • Source Code Changes
    None required.
  • Building and Running Applications
    One can test the TAO build is correctly configured by following the instructions on how to run the various examples in $TAO_ROOT/tests.
  • Verifying Correctness
    Run the various examples in $TAO_ROOT/tests and compare with the ACE+TAO scorecard, which lists the status of the ACE+TAO build. The ACE+TAO scorecard for the Intel ® C++ Compiler builds are performed by Remedy IT† can be found at† .
  • Related topics
  • Known Issues and Limitations
    None. Contact Intel® Premier Support website if you encounter problems or want to provide feedback.


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To obtain the most recent versions of ACE+TAO see http;// Generic information regarding RemedyIT can be found at

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